Gracemount Walled Garden

Pippa Lobban

Gracemount Walled Garden

Gracemount Walled Garden is a large walled garden which was associated with Gracemount House, which was a youth/community centre run by the Council since the 70’s but which is now derelict. The Friends of Gracemount group are campaigning to have the house renovated.

The garden has a relationship with Transition Edinburgh South a climate campaign group. The garden has a thirteen or more large growing beds, fruit trees and a polytonal. They have recently installed a shipping container which provides secure storage and weather cover.

The site is managed by a community gardener and the volunteer group, with the produce going to community food projects/meals. The site is adjacent to Gracemount Primary School and Nursery, and the garden has a variety of activities and relationships with the school, so the children are often involved in the garden.

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