Muirhouse Neighbourhood Garden

Pippa Lobban

Muirhouse Neighbourhood Garden

We are working alongside residents and local organisation, Community Renewal to develop a growing project in Muirhouse. Surveys and participative design workshops in 2021 revealed there was a desire for a neighbourhood garden in Muirhouse. We identified a suitable site, adjacent to Fidra Court, with derelict garages suitable for renovating into tools storage and a micro-community hub. The garden will be a new community venue and will provide locally grown fruit & veg for the Fidra Community Kitchen.

Construction work will began in 2023 through community self build sessions. A project called Lend a Hand, which offers volunteering to people over 50 and out of employment, have been working on renovating the existing garages into a community shed.

Raised beds are ready for locals to take on and grow in this season. If you would like one contact Pippa (details right) or fill in this application form:


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