Sunflower Food Pantry


Sunflower Food Pantry

As part of the Your Local Pantry (YLP) network, Edible Estates partnered with Wester Hailes Growing Communities and The Health Agency to open Sunflower Pantry in the Clovenstone Community Centre back in November 2022. The project has seen a steady increase in membership and some welcome developments since it’s opening.

Members pay a small weekly fee, and in turn can choose 10 items from the pantry as well as a selection of free fresh fruit and vegetables, with families that visit weekly able to save up to £780 per year, and 54% of members stating they were able to eat more nutritious food by visiting their local pantry. Fresh, frozen, refrigerated, and long-life foods are all available. Stock is often redirected to pantries from larger retailers via Fareshare, a charity that aims to reduce food waste and fight hunger by ensuring food surplus can be distributed among local community organisations. Supplies are also donated by local retailers and organisations.

Sunflower Pantry, Scotland’s sixth and newest addition to the network, had a successful opening on the 29th of November 2022, serving as a welcome addition to the community of Wester Hailes. Open every Tuesday from 9:30am-1:30pm, the pantry serves local people and costs £4.50 per shop, with one membership required per household. In the six months since it’s launch, pantry membership has been in high demand, with 84 members representing 144 adults and 115 children, and a total of 500 visits – meaning 5000 items taken. 

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